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KPT (sw) Ltd Provides Quality Paving and Driveway Services in Plymouth & East Cornwall

Your New Driveway Brought to You by KPT (sw) Ltd in Plymouth

Consider weather conditions, estimated wear and tear and the cost of repair or replacement when deciding if you should pave your driveway. Once your driveway is paved, the entire driveway must be sealed properly. Call a professional at KPT (sw) Ltd to discuss the specific details of your paving. KPT (sw) Ltd is happy to help you choose paving materials and will help you protect and maintain your driveway. To learn more about paving and driveways created by KPT (sw) Ltd, call 01752 426035.

Quality Paving and Driveways

People pave their driveways for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Aggregate and solid are two kinds of paving surface, each with their own benefits. People also have more exotic and creative options for paving their driveways in Plymouth. Some other factors to consider when making your decision include weathering, the surrounding architecture and cost. Researching the different paving methods is important before you choose what to do with your driveway.

Solid Surface Paving Options

The popular method of paving a driveway with a single, seamless block of material is known as solid surface paving. Due to their popularity and affordability, concrete and asphalt are often used for this paving method. If you consider durability in all weather and easy debris removed to be important, paving your driveway with a solid surface is a good choice. Despite the practicality of  a solid surface driveway, repairs will cost more and aesthetics may not be as appealing. A solid surface could mean repairing the driveway with a new surface if cracks are large and unsightly.

Aggregate Surface as an Option for Paving and Driveways

Aggregate surface driveways are often paved with gravel or crushed stone. An aggregate surface driveway allows the owner to simply repair the areas in the driveway that are damaged, instead of the whole thing. You can always opt for a combination of the two, paving your driveway with an aggregate surface that is filled with concrete. Paving a driveway with cobblestones and bricks makes it simple to execute this third option.

Alternative and Exotic Paving and Driveways

There are several creative paving options that are both modern and traditional and will lend your home a distinctive flair. Interlocking hexagonal shaped bricks add a nice twist to a plain brick driveway and can be a good choice if your home already uses brick elsewhere. If you want to achieve a look like an aggregate surface but want a solid surface, consider patterned concrete. Cobblestones offer both old-world appeal and great durability, though the initial cost can be considerable. Designer driveways boast customised shapes and colours of paving stones and can include initials or family crests.

Parking a problem?

If you find it difficult getting in to your driveway at home we can provide dropped kerbs and are local authority approved to do so.

It might not cost as much as you think. Give us a call today to find out more.

For paving, driveways and turfing call KPT on 01752 880 570

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